About Us

Shaping the futureToday is an interesting time for ADWEA; it's time to shape the future. Only 70 years ago Abu Dhabi was primarily a Bedouin village focused on herding, fishing and pearl diving. The cultural and economic acceleration that we've recently witnessed is unparalleled in the world today. As we strive to meet the Abu Dhabi 2030 vision, ADWEA is not only dedicated to providing the water and electricity the Emirate needs, but also the guidance, collaboration and partnership that's needed to help Abu Dhabi reach its full potential. Who we areThe Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority researches and develops ways to more efficiently produce, distribute and consume water and electricity. Abu Dhabi needs water and electricity to live, grow and thrive-we're providing that. We are owned by the Abu Dhabi Government, but we are financially and administratively independently.Partnerships with the private sectorIn 1998, we changed the nature of our organization by establishing our first private public partnership. We partner with foreign companies to implement the most efficient technologies and create jobs throughout the Emirate, all to better serve the people of Abu Dhabi. Our programs and initiatives focus on sustainability, and plan for growth while ensuring economic and environmental balance.Focused on improving our community We provide educational opportunities to our employees and the people of Abu Dhabi, we award scholarships to students in need and spread energy efficiency throughout the business and homes of Abu Dhabi. Most importantly, we provide you and your family water and electricity.

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